Christian Discipleship MinistriesOn this LIVE edition of Discipling Women: “Damage Control“, Caroline Savage Lynn Marino and Lyn Smith discuss Discipleship: “HUMILITY” with special guest Jessica Love of Creative/Marketing Technology in San Francisco, CA. Teaming God’s Word with Caroline and Lynn’s book, “The Discipling Woman.”

May 8, 2014 – HUMILITY

About Jessica Love
Born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in the Central Valley, Jessica Love is the daughter of a former minister, and a member of the church of Christ in East Oakland, CA. She has two teenage daughters and married Henry Love, a mental health specialist at Alameda County. Her belief in Jesus began when she was just a small child, and over time she has realized the truth and the power of the scriptures leading her to an even stronger faith and belief in God. Her career is within the field of staffing as she is a Partner in a Creative/Marketing Technology firm in San Francisco, CA where she is the Director of Recruiting responsible for leading recruitment efforts at GIANT Staffing across the West Coast. Jessica began her compassionate online ministry at the end of 2012 because she desired to help someone know the Jesus Christ to access the God who has blessed her throughout her entire life. Today she has 2,422 subscribers that read the godly blogs and articles she posts on Google+. Jessica is involved in other ministries that help the local community but she chooses to keep private because to God be the glory. Lastly, her favorite thing to do is sing praises to the Lord. Jessica took 12 years of vocal/music lessons and loves to praise the Lord each week with other members of the Body of Christ.