Christian Discipleship MinistriesOn this LIVE edition of Discipling Women: “Damage Control“, Caroline Savage Lynn Marino and Lyn Smith discuss Discipleship: “DEAR DAD” with special guest Sundi Jo Graham of Esther’s House of Redemption. Teaming God’s Word with Caroline and Lynn’s book, “The Discipling Woman.”

May 22, 2014 – DEAR DAD

About Sundi Jo Graham
Sundi Jo is a speaker, author of “Dear Dad”, and founder of Esther’s House of Redemption, a residential discipleship program, offering hope to broken women. She writes at and loves flip flops. Oh.. and she lost 145 lbs.

Gritty redemption. Those two words speak volumes about my life.

Everyone has a story of redemption. I am extremely blessed that God allows me to use communication in sharing my faith walk.

Surviving sexual abuse, a broken relationship with my alcoholic father, abandonment, fear, pride, a food addiction, and more, God has given me a testimony to share with others seeking hope, including a 145 lb. weight loss. My goal with this blog is to offer hope, lead others to experience a transforming relationship with Jesus, and provide a dose of laughter along the way.

I write about life, faith, leadership, health, and more.

I’m also a speaker. If you’re interested in having me come speak, check out my speaking page.