Christian Discipleship TV

Google+ renders an ever-evolving array of feature-rich features and benefits for the all Christian leaders, Christians atlarge, and Christ seekers; the church as a whole. We are announcing a new series of hangouts on air. Google+ Hangouts On Air will allow any number of people to participate in each free video conference.

Now that Google has integrated the “Hangout” platform into Gmail it is even easier to participate.  We encourage you to come fellowship whenever you are able. You can review the schedule of upcoming Online TV sessions here. We will post a link to the corresponding Google+ Hangout each week on Google+ and send along email reminder and social media reminders for those who wish to be keep up to date.

Registration is not required; though I encourage those using Google+ to click, “Events” and then attend each session as the Lord leads you. Doing so will automatically add all the details and a reminder to your Google Calendar.

Come join us (Pastors Michael Duncan, Jeff Klick, and Brian Whiteside along with Christian Discipleship Ministries (CDM) Founder, Tony Marino) live with your testimony, comments, questions, and suggestions. Be sure to fully engage on Google+ during each live session.

Live Christian Discipleship TV session can be view at: or for complete online interactivity go to Google+ (click here).

Upcoming Online TV topics include:

  • The Biblical Origins of Discipleship
  • The Historical Context of Discipleship
  • What Christian Discipleship Is and Is Not
  • The Qualifications of Being a Christian Disciple/Discipler
  • The State of the Church in America
  • The State of Christian Discipleship in the Rest of the World
  • Christian Discipleship: The Members
  • Christian Discipleship: The Leaders
  • Church Sustainability Precepts
  • Salvation and Assurance
  • Evangelism vs. Discipleship
  • Disciple-Based Ministry
  • Discipleship Communication Strategies
  • Practical Discipleship Action Plans
  • Discipleship and the Family
  • Discipleship and the Church
  • Shifting Culture from Religion to Relationship
  • Belief and Obedience to Christ
  • Mature Christianity
  • Church Benchmarking
  • International Discipleship Outreach
  • Catching the Vision Develop
  • Intentional Relationships
  • Indentifying Spiritual Progress
  • Encouraging Spiritual Transparency and Accountability

Upon completion of each live session, the video archives will be made available for viewing and sharing at: