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At Christian Discipleship Ministries, our primary online goal is to ensure that you are able to effeciently find and utilize the vast array of Christian discipleship materials, interactive tools, multimedia, and support resources which are now available on this online discipleship platform.

Please make your selection by clicking the “+” button relative to the area of Christianity that accurately corresponds with your present Christian learning and relational needs.

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Christian Leadership: Defined

Church & Ministry Leadership

Pastors/Leadership Team/Small Group Leaders
  1. Discipleship Training Course Materials
  2. Sample Discipleship Sermons
  3. Webinar – Google+ Teachings
  4. Inspirational Discipleship Blogs
  5. Helpful Discipleship Links
  6. The Discipling Church Book
  7. The Discipling Woman Book
  8. Expand Your Church Outreach Via Website/Internet Radio/Technology
  9. One-on-One Training
  10. Men’s Discipleship Resources
  11. Women’s Discipleship Resources
  12. Family Discipleship Resources
  13. Young Adult/Single Discipleship Resources
  14. Senior Saints Mentoring Training
  15. Sunday School Curriculum
  16. The Discipling Church Study Guide for Small Groups

Online Discipleship Resources: Click here

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Body of Christ: Defined

Body of Christ

Christian (Non-Leadership Role)
  1. Personal Discipleship Plan
  2. Recommended Reading for Discipleship
  3. Daily Bible Reading Schedule
  4. Inspirational Blog
  5. Helpful Discipleship Links
  6. The Discipling Church Webinars – Google+ Studies

Online Discipleship Resources: Click here

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Christ Seekers: Defined

Non-Christian with the Desire to Know Jesus
  1. Evangelism Strategies
  2. The Plan of Salvation
  3. Take the Next Step

Online Discipleship Resources: Click here
Christ Seekers

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