Judging the Gross

A certain man recently decided that he no longer could live as a male. So he paid professionals to literally change his sex. Now he considers himself a woman. He has even legally changed his name from a traditional man’s name to a traditional woman’s name. His actions have been highly publicized because he was a sports celebrity.

He is not the only one to have done this and by no means is this behavior limited to men. I know of a woman in my town who paid professionals to change her sex. Somehow she had grown a beard. She also legally changed her name to a man’s name. However, her actions have not made the press.

The man mentioned above has received awards for courage, even from a sports award show. The woman in my town has not even though she did exactly what the man did. I guess it just goes to show you that women are still treated unequally.

There is a judgment day that is a bit like an awards show except, unlike our worldly awards shows, no one will be getting an award for courage for changing their sex. What will it be like to stand before the judgment seat of God, the Creator, holy and perfect in every way, and as one of His creations, try to explain why you think He made a mistake in creating you the way He did? WOW. I can’t imagine what that scene is going to be like. I can only picture this puny dude, a work of God, who formed this puny dude in his mother’s womb, having a plan all laid out for his life, standing and shaking before the judgment seat. How does a man explain to his Creator that his thinks the Creator is wrong? How does he explain to God that He made a mistake in making him a man instead of a woman?

No man will every be able to justify the bad he did in his life. Even his good will be discarded because all man’s “good deeds” God considers filthy rags. Each good deed a man tries to bring up on judgment day God will dismiss as unholy and give a justified reason why. But as each man hears that each of his deeds he thought would be good enough to get him through the “pearly gates” is tossed out by the Creator, will he then jump up and shout to God, “Well, you made me this way! This is your fault! No one could ever live up to Your standards! Plus You should have made me a woman to begin with!”

I wonder if God will cry during judgment day. I believe He only has a few questions to ask each of us:

What have you done to deserve the right to enter My kingdom?

Have you placed your faith for eternity in your good works or in my beloved Son who I gave to the world so that all who place their faith in Him will have eternal life?

What have you done about Jesus?

All the things that we do to make us happy and fulfilled while on this earth doesn’t really matter in eternity. We can cut our hair a certain way, grow it out to freak out our parents or shave it completely off. Doesn’t matter in eternity. Doesn’t make a difference on judgment day. We can tattoo our bodies head to toe if it makes us happy but on judgment day it wont matter. It’s not one of the questions the Creator will ask us about. You can take drugs, not take drugs, work 100 hours a week or be homeless, be a liberal or a conservative and everything outside and in-between but it just wont matter on judgment day. Men and women can cut off their reproductive parts and replace them with the other’s sex but it wont be on God’s list of things to discuss on judgment day.

Believers and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ – why do we worry and spend our time judging others for how they look and what they do and yet are not concerned with what they believe? Are we like the prophet Jonah who was more concerned about his comfort then preaching God’s word of warning to the great city of Nineveh? Who was more worried that a plant, which provided shade and relief from the heat, was dead and was no longer providing him comfort than the lost souls of an evil city? Are we like Jonah who wanted to see over half a million citizens of Nineveh, including 120,000 children, die at God’s hand than on their knees in ashes and dust, fasting and praying to God to turn from His wrath?

If God can forgive the inhabitants of Nineveh, considered the most evil people to have ever lived by some biblical experts, can He not forgive any of the many lost souls we encounter from day to day or hear about in the media?

Perhaps we should refrain from judging the lost long enough to pray for their salvation. Perhaps we shouldn’t run away from the ungodly when we pass them by or sit near them in public places. You never know if the Creator is going to send a really big fish your way.