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Christian Discipleship Ministries’ Body of Christ Resources is centered upon equipping you with the latest, most relevant and useful Christian discipleship precepts, teachings, tools, strategies, and practical solutions, with the goal of building a working relationship with you to help support and enrich your personal disciple-making plans and objectives.

Our Body of Christ Resource materials, including articles, audios, videos, blog posts, social media channels, personal enrichment assessments and analyses are continually updated and new content is added to ensure that you have direct and immediate access to the very latest Christian discipleship resources.

Discipleship Resources and Materials

Do you desire a personal discipleship plan? Do you need a recommended list of reading materials to help you grow spiritually? Perhaps a daily bible reading schedule would be helpful. Maybe a list of additional links to help expand your information pool. We have many free resources available to assist you in your discipleship goals.

Body of Christ

Christian (Non Leadership Role)
  1. Personal Discipleship Plan
  2. Recommended Reading for Discipleship
  3. Daily Bible Reading Schedule
  4. Inspirational Blog
  5. Helpful Discipleship Links
  6. The Discipling Church Webinars – Google+ Studies

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Discipleship Articles

We provide timely articles written by pastors and leaders to inspire and equip you in your pursuit of following Jesus as His disciple. To ensure that you are able to obtain fresh, timely, and relevant discipleship insights, Christian Discipleship Ministries is committed to make available to you, article content that is updated on an going basis. View Articles »

The Discipling Women: Damage Control TV

The Discipling Women: Damage Control TV is produced live using the Google+ Hangout On Air platform. Every Thursday, our Caroline R. Savage, Lynn Marino, and Lyn Smith discuss problems and solutions relative to Christian discipleship precepts and practices. Each program is also recorded providing you with the opportunity to view the complete video archive.
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Discipleship Blog

Our Christian Discipleship Blog (Discipleship Today) is comprised of thought provoking written, audio, and video discussion and informational content. Each blog post consists of Christian discipleship entries (“posts”) which are displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). We encourage you to freely interact by way of posting your comments and sharing content across your social media channels as the Lord leads. Latest Posts »

Trinity Discipleship Institute

Trinity Discipleship Institute is affiliated with Trinity College of the Bible in Newburgh, IN, the pioneer of Theological Distance Learning who for over four decades trained thousands and currently has thousands of students around the world. All audio lectures are presented by qualified Trinity Seminary faculty for one nominal tuition fee. See Curriculum »

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